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Thursday, November 17

09:30 CET

Apache Camel - The Integration Library - Claus Ibsen, Red Hat
This presentation will demonstrate to developers involved with integration how the Apache Camel project can make your life much easier.

We start with an introduction to what Apache Camel is, and how you can use Camel to make integration much easier. Allowing you to focus on your business logic, rather than low level messaging protocols, and transports.

You will hear how Apache Camel is related Enterprise Integration Patterns which you can use in your architectural designs and as well in Java or XML code, running on the JVM with Camel.

You will also hear what other features Camel provides out of the box, which can make integration much easier for you.

This talk is a mix between slides and live demo/coding.


Claus Ibsen

Red Hat
Claus Ibsen works for Red Hat as full time developer on open source integration software such as: Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, fabric8, and hawtio Author of the Camel in Action book. Speaker at conferences. Claus is very active in the communities, where he help others, blogs, writes... Read More →

Thursday November 17, 2016 09:30 - 10:20 CET
Giralda VI/VII

10:30 CET

Carrying Enterprise on a Little Camel - Dzmitry Pletnikau, Unicity Intl
Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ and Apache CXF form a mature stack well-suited for the widest range of projects. They are used by governments, banks and biggest tech companies.

In his presentation, Dzmitry will show real-life examples of using these frameworks as coarse components for quickly delivering routine integrations within and outside the company. The emphasis will be on connecting together heterogeneous non-JVM systems: legacy Cobol-monolith, modern CRM-module, RESTful APIs, 3rd-party packages and services.

Sample scenarios will include end-of-day batch processing as well as "near real-time" data-exchanges. Dzmitry will show how proper use of queueing semantics enables engineer to satisfy business needs without writing any code.

For any of your data-hauling needs, the presentation will convince you to consider these Apache projects.


Dzmitry Pletnikau

Unicity Intl
Growing up in Belarus, Dzmitry developed an early interest in natural sciences and computer programming. After receiving a degree in Physics, Dzmitry chose to freelance as a programmer. Five years later he settled as a Software Architect at Unicity, in Utah. Dzmitry is responsible... Read More →

Thursday November 17, 2016 10:30 - 11:20 CET
Giralda VI/VII

11:50 CET

Integrating Apache Camel with Apache Syncope- Colm O hEigeartaigh, Talend
Apache Syncope is a powerful and flexible open-source Identity Management solution. Apache Camel

is an integration framework that comes with a huge list of messaging components. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to plug in an integration framework like Camel into an Identity Management solution like Syncope, so that you can easily write custom routing and mediation rules for Identity provisioning?

Well with Syncope 2.0.0 you can do just this with the new Apache Camel provisioning manager!

In this talk, we will provide an overview of the exciting new features available in the Apache Syncope 2.0.0 release. In particular, we will focus on how it integrates with Apache Camel. We will go through some practical use-cases to illustrate how to exploit this new feature.


Colm O hEigeartaigh

Software Architect, Talend
Dr. Colm O hEigeartaigh is a security architect at Talend, having earned his PhD in the area of cryptography. He is involved in a wide range of Apache projects, primarily in the area of security. He is PMC chair of the Apache Santuario project. He has previously presented at a number... Read More →

Thursday November 17, 2016 11:50 - 12:40 CET
Giralda VI/VII

12:50 CET

Cloud Native Camel Design Patterns - Bilgin Ibryam, Red Hat
Throughout the building of a Camel application, there are many levels of design decisions to be made. Knowing the Camel framework and the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) is a must, but not enough to design a real-world integration application. Driven by real-world experiences, this talk reviews the most commonly used patterns and principles for designing Camel applications in the past, present and the future tendencies. We will look at how traditional patterns become less popular with the invention of technologies such as containers and PaaS Platforms.

avatar for Bilgin Ibryam

Bilgin Ibryam

Product Manager, Red Hat
Bilgin Ibryam (@bibryam) is a product manager and an ex-principal architect at Red Hat, committer and member of Apache Software Foundation. He is an open source evangelist, regular blogger, occasional speaker, and the author of Kubernetes Patterns and Camel Design Patterns books. His interests include mentoring, coding and leading developers to be successful with building open source solutions. Bilgin’s current work focuses on distributed systems, data integration, change data capture, and cloud-native application developme... Read More →

Thursday November 17, 2016 12:50 - 13:40 CET
Giralda VI/VII
Friday, November 18

13:00 CET

Introduction of a Web API Execution Environment Based on a Server-less Architecture Using Apache Camel - Tsunayoshi Egawa, Yahoo Japan
The presentation will be an introduction of a Web API execution environment based on a server-less architecture using Apache Camel.

Although Yahoo! JAPAN has a lot of Web APIs, instead of focusing on service development, the engineers had to spend considerable man-hours in the disclosure and maintenance (setting up of servers, vulnerability response, etc.).

To solve this issue, a system was created that specializes in the Web API execution environment (UTOPIA).

Web API development in UTOPIA can be done by XML DSL and through a simple setting of information.

UTOPIA uses Apache Camel as a routine engine to develop the business logic.

Although the system is a closed internal system, this presentation will show what Yahoo! JAPAN has learnt from running the system, issues found in production use, and comparison between existing similar systems and mechanism such as OSGi and PaaS.


Tsunayoshi Egawa

Senior Manager, Yahoo Japan Corporation
Tsunayoshi Egawa is a senior manager in one of the platform development division at Yahoo! JAPAN. He currently works on the private CDN and message routing services. Previously at Yahoo! JAPAN, he has developed two platform systems as a manager. The first was a mail advertisement... Read More →

Friday November 18, 2016 13:00 - 13:50 CET
Giralda V